1.  What is CA Agile Academy OnDemand?

In 2006, Rally launched Agile University to provide people with training and certification designed to prepare them for their role in an Agile | Lean organization. CA Technologies acquired Rally in July 2015. The Rally products and services have been rebranded to CA to deliver a unified voice to the market and provide consistency for our customers. Even though we have a new name, our commitment to empower our customers on their agile transformation journey remains the same.

Today, CA Agile Academy regularly offers public courses around the globe featuring instruction by our coaches and our strategic partners. People choose us for our collaborative, experiential training approach that centers on using Agile to teach Agile.

CA Agile Academy OnDemand is a part of CA Agile Academy that focuses on providing agile-related courses that are available anywhere, anytime, using computers, phones or mobile devices. 

2.  I'm getting an "Unsupported video type" error message. What should I do?

Some early versions of the Internet Explorer 11 browser cannot read MP4 file formats. This error has been resolved in software updates. Update your IE 11 browser software or use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox to watch the videos. You may find more information on this issue here:


3.  Why isn't my status updating?

As you finish watching each video track, it automatically starts the next video in the lesson and marks the video you just watched as Completed. At the end of the lesson there are questions to help you reimburse your learning. Click the green Next button at the bottom right of the video area to move from question to question (and from video to video). When you've completed all the videos and questions in the lesson, click the green Finish button at the bottom right of the video area to move to the next lesson. If some tracks are still not marked as complete you may need to log out and back in to reset your session. Then try clicking the Next and Finish buttons again.

4.  I've already bought the course. Why do I still see the red "Buy Now" button?

When you purchase access to a course, you will receive an email with a license URL that you must use at least once to unlock your access to the course. After that you may continue to use that URL, or you may go directly to the CA Agile Academy OnDemand site to view your course. If you have purchased a course and have not received a license URL, check your SPAM folder.

5.  Why am I being asked to reset my password?

If you are asked to reset your password each time you log in, this usually means you've forgotten your username. Contact [email protected] to confirm it.

6.  When does my access expire?

Access to paid courses expires at the end of the year after purchase, or in some cases, when your product subscription expires. The course details page shows the number of days remaining until your access expires for the course.

7.  How do I get help?

If your question isn't answered in this FAQ section, please send email to [email protected] with your question..